About John Smith

  • Gender Male
  • Highest Level of Education Associate degree 
  • Have you ever held a position in Public Safety? Law Enforcement
  • Certification 1 Ohio Peace Academy
  • Certification 2 GA Peace Academy
  • Language 1 Spanish
  • Answer these below

  • I'm over 18 Yes
  • Are you open for relocation yes
  • Viewed 32
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About me

Captain Shane Smith was promoted to Captain of Jail Operations in 2021. He began his law enforcement career with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy in 2005. Prior to joining the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, he served as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army at Fort Bragg, NC from 1997 to 2004. His deployments include; Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his career with the Sheriff’s Office, he has held the following positions: Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Warrants/ Mental Health Sergeant, Repeat Offender Sergeant, Training Sergeant, Criminal Investigations Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant, and Special Services Lieutenant. He also served on the Hays County SWAT Team from 2007 to 2021 as an Operator, Team Leader, Sniper Team Leader, and Commander.

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Honors & awards

  • 2001


    I won!

  • 2003

    Officer of The Year

    I got this award while working with the Atlanta Police Department. I saved many lives that year and so the community pulled together to vote me in as officer of the year.

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