About Michael Esposito

  • Gender Male
  • Highest Level of Education Bachelor’s Degree  
  • Have you ever held a position in Public Safety? Law Enforcement
  • Certification 1 GA POST
  • Certification 2 GA POST
  • Certification 3 GA POST
  • Certification 4 GA POST
  • Language 1 English
  • Language 2 English
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About me

I’m Mike Esposito, a dedicated leader in public safety and security technology solutions, recognized as Officer of the Year and Medal of Valor recipient. With strong communication, time management, and proposal coordination skills, I excel in creating solutions for local governments and public safety entities. Currently serving as Weekday Preschool Safety Director, I ensure physical safety for all staff and students. My background spans government roles, project coordination, and teaching, complemented by certifications in project management and fire safety. Let’s connect to explore opportunities in public safety, technology, and project management.

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Project Management
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Honors & awards

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